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HW30502002 Multifunction LCD Program Box PRO (G3)

HW30502002 Multifunction LCD Program Box PRO (G3)

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Multifunction LCD program box PRO (G3)

  • As an independent parameter adjustment device, directly use the built-in LCD screen to display, set, and share ESC parameters (import).
  • Connect the ESC to a computer using a USB adapter. Use the USB Link application software on the computer to upgrade the ESC firmware and set parameters.
  • The OTA Bluetooth™ module: Using the mobile APP to set ESC parameters, upgrade firmware, and read data.
  • Detect the overall voltage of the lithium battery and the individual voltage of each cell.
  • The scope of application here can also be understood as all the escs that the old LCD G2 program box and OTA Bluetooth™ module can support.


  • Size & Weight: 105.6x59x24.4mm(LxWxH) / 85g
  • Input voltage: 5-12.6V*
  • Interface: TYPE-C USB, ESC(Futaba plug), Power supply interface(Futaba plug)



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