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EGO-11897 Egodrift BETA TENGU 4030HT / 800KV (6x38)

EGO-11897 Egodrift BETA TENGU 4030HT / 800KV (6x38)

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EGO-11897 Egodrift BETA TENGU 4030HT / 800KV (6x38)

Our EGODRIFT BETA Series is your chance to fly our latest brushless motor creations first and before they're officially released (and yes, it's perfectly safe to run them even though they're called "Beta Series", the motors have been used by our team and many other pilots around the globe for well over a year now).

40xxHS vs HT – What’s the difference?

With the new HT generation of 4025, 4030 and 4035 motors we bring the proven and optimized winds of our 45xx sized HS and HT motors to the 550-600 class, alongside a modified (2.5mm higher) base for improved cooling (and even quieter operation, as an unexpected, yet welcome side effect).

The result is a faster switching, more rpm stable motor generation that delivers (even) more output power while eliminating potential amp spikes under heavy load (such as hard 3d flight) and improving flight time.

Which motor for which model?

With the 4030HT (and the freshly introduced 4030 stator size) comes a motor option that fits in between the 4025 and 4035 sizes previously available within the HS range. This allows for some interesting combinations around 6S to 8S setups in the 550-610 class (or especially lightweight, 700 size heli models), as well as for some powerful, yet lighter 12S builds (as opposed to using a 4035 size motor)

Standard kVs for 6S setups on 550-580 size models are usually in the 1080kV-1020kV range, 7S setups on ~600 size models are usually in the 960-1020 range, or around 800-850kV for 8S setups. Your standard 12S build (3d flight) will usually be around 555 to 580kV, a list of popular choices can be found below.

Important Update:
While 4025 has traditionally been the go-to size for the 550 class, and 600s on 6S (as the key there was always to keep the weight to a mimimum in an attempt to reduce stress on the packs), we have, since the release of the 4030HT, found that it actually outperforms the 4025HT in almost every setup from 550 to 600 size, all cell counts from 6S to 12S, and all combinations thereof. It also comes at almost the exact same weight (~375g) as most competing 4025 options, so for that reason we are confident to issue the following, general recommendation that fits the bill for almost all builds in the 500-600 class (and even some of the lightweight 700s out now), and replaces some of the information relating to the 4025HT beneath it:

  • 550-600 (700) Motor recommendations, General (updated)
  • 6S: 4030HT/800kV
  • 7S: 4030HT/900-960kV
  • 8S: 4030HT/800kV (epic combination)
  • 12S: 4030HT/555kV

Popular combinations (section being worked on):

  • SAB Goblin (Kraken 580 / RAW 580 / Piuma)
    6S: 4030HT/1080kV
    7S: 4030HT/960kV to 4030HT/900kV
    8S: 4030HT/800kV
    12S: 4030HT/555kV

  • OXY (5 Meg)
    7S: 4030HT/1020kV to 960kV
    8S: 4030HT/850kV to 800kV

  • XLPower (Nimbus / 600V1)
    6S: 4030HT/1080kV
    7S: 4030HT/960kV
    8S: 4030HT/800V


While we made the decision not to release any specs for the Beta models (as there are simply too many combinations to test them all and there are new ones being added constantly), we were indeed curious for the weight of the new 4030HT model (as there was no HS equivalent). And the 4030HT/580kV that we weighed (as a reference) rang in at exactly 375g, making it ~100g lighter than a 4035 model and only 40-50g heavier than a 4025 size motor.

Please note that the shafts available for the 40xx HS models DO NOT fit the 40xx HT models. Shaft kits for the HT models are of course available as well (and linked at the end of the page).

EGODRIFT Tengu 4030HT Series Product Dimensions


  • Manufacturer: EGODRIFT
  • Stator size: 4030
  • Motor configuration: 12N10P
  • Wire colour: Copper
  • Motor wire type: High temperature copper wire
  • Motor shaft: Hardened Steel
  • Shaft diameter: 6.0 mm
  • External shaft length (mm): 38mm
  • Mounting hole pattern: 2xM4(30) + 2xM4(25)
  • Laser Design: BETA Series
  • LiPo cells: 6S, 7S, 8S, 9S, 10S, 11S, 12S
  • Stator diameter: 40 mm
  • Stator height: 30 mm
  • Body Length: 57.5mm (2.067 inch)
  • Diameter: 49.6mm (1.95 inch)
  • Designer:

What's in the box

  • 1 x Custom BETA Tengu 4030HT Motor
  • 3 x Gold Plated Amass Connector, Male
  • 3 x Gold Plated Amass Connector, Female
  • 4 x Mounting Screws
  • 1x Bell securing screw
  • 2x EGODRIFT Sticker Sheets
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