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Egodrift TENGU 4230 ECLIPSE (520/550/800/1070kV)

Egodrift TENGU 4230 ECLIPSE (520/550/800/1070kV)

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Egodrift TENGU 4230 ECLIPSE (520/550/800/1070kV)

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Introducing the EGODRIFT 4230EC Eclipse Motors (Tengu & Scale Collection)

After years of development, we are proud to finally announce the completion of our brand-new EGODRIFT custom stators for the 40 and 42mm stator sizes.

The first model to be released is the Tengu & Scale Collection 4230EC (Eclipse), which we see to be particularly suited for:

1) Trending Light to Ultra-light 700 size helicopters

The past years have seen several releases in the light 700 class, such as the SAB Piuma, the Tron DNamic, the Flash by Oxy, and alike. While our Beta 4030HT and Tengu 4525HT models have been performing great in these, we believe the new 4230 will fill a gap between these two, combining the efficiency and power of our custom stators featured in the 45 size, with the reduced weight of a 4230 size to play into the lightweight character. The larger bearings fitting in the new 4230 Eclipse will also improve durability when running these larger blades.

2) 700-800 size Scale Helicopter builds, including those featuring the Roban HSM-800

The often closed fuselage of scale builds makes operating temperature a key concern for scale builders. With the development of our new EGODRIFT custom stator for the 42mm size, we managed to unlock the famously low operating temperature of our 4525 and 4530 motors (often used in larger scale projects) for builds within the 700-800 size. Stable and smooth, efficient operation make the new 4230 Eclipse motors (available in 465kV and 520kV as Scale Collection with the popular scale laser design) a perfect choice for your next scale project. Users of the HSM-800 mechanics will appreciate the 4xM4(30) mounting hole pattern for the tripod bearing support and the reduced can width of the 4230, allowing installation without any need for modifications to the side frames.

3) F3C competition style flying

F3C pilots will find an interesting new option in the 4230 Eclipse that sits right in between the traditionally used 4035 and 4525 sized options - combining the slightly easier to anticipate power delivery of the 4035 with the efficient and cool operating temperature of the 4525 size.

4) Performance 580 to 610 sized builds

The 4230 is also going to be a great option for performance enthusiasts and/or heavier 580s to 610 sized helis, and should make for some interesting combinations with the Kraken and Raw 580s, the new Miniature Aircraft Interceptor E 600 - or the Soxos 6.1 (520kV should work perfectly on its stock gearing).

A few notes:

Mounting holes:
The base of the 4230EC features a 4xM4(30mm) mounting hole pattern, making it ready for most of the currently available models (and the HSM-800). Don't worry if your heli model only permits 2 holes to be aligned with the motor - securing the motor with just two screws is perfectly sufficient (but please secure the fasteners with Loctite).

External shaft length & new shaft kit option:
Please note that while the shaft used in the new 4230EC models is the same as the one used in our Beta 4030HT models, due to the recess in the bottom, the external shaft length is 36mm (versus the 38mm on the 4030). The shaft kit for the 4230EC (p/n 11961) comes with differently sized bearings and a clip.

Performance data & specs:
Please understand that performing spec testing on new models takes some time and while we aim to compete the information as soon as possible, we do ask you for your patience while we prepare everything for you. We can reassure you that the new Eclipse models will more than satisfy your demands, regardless of the availability of bench testing.

ESC recommendation
While the size of esc you are going to need will (of course) vary depending on your voltage and application, we do recommend to use a 130/135A esc or higher for most scenarios.

EGODRIFT 4230 Eclipse Product Dimensions


  • Manufacturer: EGODRIFT
  • Stator size: 4230
  • Motor configuration: 12N10P
  • Motor weight: 520kV version: 436g (weight of other kVs pending)
  • Motor shaft: Hardened Steel
  • Shaft diameter: 6.0 mm
  • External shaft length (mm): 36 mm
  • Mounting hole pattern: 4xM4(30)
  • Laser Design: EGODRIFT Stickerbomb
  • LiPo cells: 6S, 7S, 8S, 10S, 12S
  • Stator diameter: 42 mm
  • Stator height: 30 mm
  • Connection: Gold-plated bullet connectors (included)

What's in the box

  • Tengu 4230EC Eclipse motor (choose kV)
  • 3 Pairs Male/Female Gold-plated bullet connectors (Amass)
  • Mounting screws (please ensure they fit your model)
  • 2x EGODRIFT decal sheets
  • Certificate of Authenticity
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