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FW450-V3-O Flywing RTF FW450 V3 RC GPS Helicopter (Orange)

FW450-V3-O Flywing RTF FW450 V3 RC GPS Helicopter (Orange)

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FW450-V3-O Flywing RTF FW450 V3 RC GPS Helicopter (Orange)

Comes with RTF Kit (Servos, ESC, H1 Flight controller, Main Motor, Tail Motor, Main Blades, and Tail Blades), Transmitter, 1 4s 4000mah Battery, Charger, Case, and Allen Tools.


Say hello to the most Ready-to-Fly RC helicopter ever! FW 450L-V3 introduces you to an entirely new RC helicopter experience! It is the world’s first RC helicopter that supports auto-aerobatic flight. 

With a high-power motor, Omni-GPS, and one-key return function, it ensures you enjoy a stable and safe flight experience while having lots of fun.

FW 450L-V3 has a superior design and is equipped with high-quality hardware. With the flybarless system, a brushless motor, and a solid carbon fiber frame, this 6CH helicopter has everything ready for you to immerse yourself in an excellent flight!

"This is a jaw-dropping performance right here by FlyWing"

"Be able to amaze your friends with these 3D routines that I have just pulled by flipping a switch only."

"I haven’t seen any GPS feature helicopter that gives you both worlds. In GPS it gives you some 3D routines that even some expert pilots aren’t able to do."

Hovering, Figure 8, and Orbit flight can be done by flipping just one switch on your transmitter. It helps beginners observe and learn flight posture to improve their flight skills.

The H1 Flight Controller provides the most cost-effective solution for the stability of your RC helicopter. This flybarless flight controller has robust electronic shielding, reliable GPS connectivity, and extensive programming instructions.
FW450L-V3 ensures safe flying with built-in compasses in the controller and GPS. The latest U-blox4 chip from Switzerland powers the GPS module. FW450L-V3 supports core navigation satellite systems, which include GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, and BeiDou.

Emergency situations during flight can be difficult to avoid, which is why a smart return function is a valuable tool for users of all levels. Simply flip the Home switch to initiate a return when the helicopter is lost. It will automatically fly back to the transmitter's location in case of a low battery or a lost transmitter.

If you feel like your helicopter is getting out of control while in 3D flight mode, flip the switch to change to GPS flight mode for an immediate stop and hover. If the helicopter is upside down, it will hover inverted, saving valuable time and preventing a larger accident.

The aviation-grade material used in the helicopter boasts excellent toughness, resisting distortion and reducing damage risk. This allows the helicopter to handle complex aerobatic flights with ease.
"Brushless" motors eliminate these inefficiencies and have longer lifespan. The FW450L-V3's 2816 large brushless motor, powered by 16V higher voltage (supports up to 6S 24V), provides more power and efficiency than the 2221 motor used by other 450L RC helicopters.It features a 60A all-metal helicopter ESC, providing precise power transfer and enabling fast response during intense 3D flight. This results in high power output and limitless aerobatics.

With a Flybarless (FBL) rotor head, similar to that found in 700L RC helicopters, Fly Wing boasts impressive stability.
Its Direct Flight Control (DFC) rotor head structure has a low center of gravity and low drag, resulting in more accurate, direct, and quick flight response, and ease of maintenance.
The cyclic response is aggressive, resulting in the almost instantaneous implementation of commands on the helicopter. This enhances the agility and stability of your operations.

The professional brushless motor with fixed pitch, equipped on the tail, provides quick response and ensures an incredibly stable flight.

The upgraded shell is made of high-strength polycarbonate material, making it durable and colorful.

With a range of up to 1 km, you can fly without limitations. The dual joystick will automatically return to the center, with the helicopter automatically braking and hovering when you release the joysticks.

Not only the looks and built-in components can be changed. The flight control system is adjustable as well. It can be customized through software downloaded from our official website to suit your hand at will!
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