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HH-125MM_RAH_1x3 1.25mm 1x3 Right Angle Header

HH-125MM_RAH_1x3 1.25mm 1x3 Right Angle Header

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HH-125MM_RAH_1x3 1.25mm 1x3 Right Angle Header

If you need to replace your S1 Flight Controllers Tail Motor 3-Pin Connector this is the part you need.

1. Start by de-soldering the old connector first. You can use micro snips and cut the leads close to the white connector, then remove each lead one-by-one with a soldering iron and small needle-nose pliers.
2. Then use a desoldering tool, or wick to remove the old solder from the PCB holes.
3. Now put the new connector in the holes, and solder one lead a time making sure to heat the pad and pin then applying solder to the joint so it will create a nice uniform joint (you don't want a cold solder joint or a blob of solder!).
4. Make sure to keep your solder temperature low enough to melt the solder, and not too high to burn the traces, use a decent 60/40 solder, water-soluble flux, and a nice fine tip!
5. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to me. I can also do this for you if you want to send it to me just have to pay shipping (no additional fee for repair).

This is for one header.

Pitch: 1.25mm (0.0492in)

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