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KC3D-2S-6XH-XT30 KC3D 2s Parallel Charging Board 6x JST-XH with XT30/Balance leads

KC3D-2S-6XH-XT30 KC3D 2s Parallel Charging Board 6x JST-XH with XT30/Balance leads

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KC3D-2S-6XH-XT30 KC3D 2s Parallel Charging Board 6x JST-XH with XT30/Balance leads

I am a big fan of Keith Williams / KC3D for the the 3d printing that he does for us in the hobby. I have brought this charging board to the store to spread the love for the Goo-Sky S1 batteries. This is a great addition to anyone's charging field box for these little baby micro helis batteries.

Being not a fan of parallel squid cables, we decided to make our own parallel board for charging OMP M1 batteries or any other battery where you only have a 2s balance lead and no "main" charging lead such as transmitter batteries.  That is this board's sole purpose.  Fancy purple PCB.  Soft foam backing to prevent short circuits and scratching the surface it rests on.  Comes with 6s balance lead and XT60 to XT30 cable that will plug into most modern chargers.

Do not connect batteries of cell voltage difference greater than 0.1V.  This can result in excess current flowing between the cells upon connection, potentially causing damage to the cells, the connectors, or the balance board itself.  Be sure to only connect batteries of close voltage relative to each other.

Do not parallel charge any batteries that are suspect or questionable.  Due to the nature of parallel charging, a battery failing during the charge cycle will go unnoticed by the protection features of the charger and can cause fire and damage to property or persons.

Do not charge LiPo batteries unattended under any circumstances.

Do not exceed 15A of charging current with this board.  This is a limitation of the XT30 input.  Do not exceed 3A of charging current per battery connection.  This is a limitation of the JST-XH connectors. 

Do not exceed the rated charge rate (C) of your batteries.

When charging batteries equipped only with a balance lead and no main charging lead (like those used for the OMP M1 and similar models) it is important that you let the charge cycle fully complete before pulling off the batteries and flying.  Due to the thin wires, low amp rated connectors, and the way balance charging works, the final balancing and topping off of the cells takes longer than it does when charging with separate power leads.  If the charge cycle is not allowed to fully complete, the batteries will not be completely charged and you will experience shorter flight times than expected.  This applies to any balance-only parallel board or squid cable.

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