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KST Servos

KST-X12-708 KST X12-708 Digital Servo HV 8.4V 0.07s

KST-X12-708 KST X12-708 Digital Servo HV 8.4V 0.07s

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KST-X12-708 KST X12-708 Digital Servo HV 8.4V 0.07s

Everything you ever wanted in a micro servo! Presenting you the new, revised, and innovative X12-708 Micro DC brushless servo. It’s now possible to program and tune a micro servo to your liking. The new design provides a strong, faster, and more efficient servo. This makes it possible to reach torque of up to 9.3 and speed down to 0.07 sec/60deg. The down-toned wires apply a much sleeker and even more modern look. This concludes other amazing X12 servos in the KST family.

Great for fuselage installations on F3J, F3F, and F3B models. Awesome for size 380/420 helis as a cyclic servo.


  • Brushless DC motor
  • Programmability
  • Toque up to 9.3
  • Black CNC Aluminum case
  • Speeds down to 0.07 sec/60deg
  • Hardened Steel Gear
  • Dark toned wiring
  • Cyclic Servo for 450-size helicopter


  • Item: X12-708 Brushless Micro Servo
  • Rated voltage: DC7.4V
  • Voltage Range: DC6.0V-8.4v
  • Working Frequency: 1520us/333Hz (Default), 760us/560Hz (Programming Tool Required)
  • Default Travel Angle: ±50°= 100°Total
  • Temperature Range: -20℃......+65℃
  • Soft Start: Programable
  • Programmable: Yes
  • Case Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Motor Type: Brushless DC Motor
  • Gear Set Material: Hardened Steel
  • Position Sensor: Potentiometer
  • Case Dimensions: 23mm* 12mm*27.5mm
  • Weight: 20g±10%
  • Torque:,,
  • Speed: 0.09sec/60°@6.0V, 0.08sec/60°@7.4V, 0.07sec/60°@8.4V


Package Including

  • 1 * X12-708 Brushless Micro Servo
  • 1 Pack of Accessories

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