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NERC-ZT-4 4" Zip-ties (10 Pack) (Black or Natural)

NERC-ZT-4 4" Zip-ties (10 Pack) (Black or Natural)

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NERC-ZT-4-BLK 4" Black Zip-ties (10 Pack)

UV Resistant Black Zip Ties: These are the ideal option for outdoor applications where zip ties will be exposed to a higher than normal amount of ultra-violet rays from the sun. These black nylon cable ties are specifically manufactured to be used for continuous or extended exposure to the outdoors, weather, and UV light especially. Black Tie wraps can also be used in indoor applications. UV resistant black zip ties are made by incorporating carbon stabilizers in the nylon resin during the molding process. these black tie wraps provide greater resistance to the elements, thus making them a cost-effective and durable method for securing any bundle or item outdoors.

Natural / Clear Zip Ties: These are the ideal high-quality, durable, and cost-effective option for all indoor zip tie applications where your cable ties will be used for bundling wires or securing objects. In some cases, clear zip ties are referred to colloquially to as “white” cable ties. However, these cable ties are not actually transparent or see-through. instead, they are natural nylon. These natural cable ties are specifically manufactured to be used for indoor or in-wall cable bundling due to the fact that these cable ties meet industry standards for low smoke production. Natural nylon zip ties can be used outdoors however, they will only serve as a temporary solution since they are not UV protected.

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