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SG522 SAB RAW 500 White

SG522 SAB RAW 500 White

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This kit is like SG520 kit but with Canopy White H1930-S and Boom White H1935-S
Blade Size: 500

Power supply: 6S 3300/3700mAh

Weight (no battery/fuel): 1824g


  • RTF weight without battery 1824g

  • Main rotor diameter 1180mm (with 500mm blades)

  • Length of the tail blades 80mm

  • Mini size cyclic servos (35mm)

  • Mini tail servo (35mm)

  • Maximum dimensions of the battery 48x48x150mm

  • Recommended battery 6S 3300/4000 mAh

  • Recommended battery weight 550-600g

  • Recommended ESC 6S-120A

  • Motor size 4020 (800-900Kv)

Main Features

  • Quick release battery tray with integrated connectors

  • Zytel HTN resin blade grip arms (sacrificial)

  • It is not necessary to remove the canopy to replace the batteries

  • Main ratio 1:5/6

  • Tail ratio 4:1

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